Christmas Recipe

Beef wellington has to be the ultimate Indulgence, My version is a lot lighter and for Christmas, I’m gonna give it an added twist first off the phyllo beef, first, the most important part is to sear it salt pepper, the Philips is the leanest and the most expensive cut of beef, it comes from underneath the lower back bone, a part of the animal, which has very little muscle, and this is what makes it such a tender cut. very very hot pan, olive oil and let’s we roll it around the pan, we’re not cooking the beef we’re just searing it, which will really help to give another layer of flavor and beef in lovely. 

Now use the side of the pan, so the beef Sears down the back, when you tilt it, it’s a secret to get it done quickly, it gives that really nice roasted flavor, once you got a color, very carefully lift up the beef and seal on top, and sear it on the bottom out, and onto the plate, gives it a bit of sort of bit of heat, just lightly brush the mustard over the beef, so really important that you do this as the beef comes straight out of the pan, as the beef starts to cool down, it absorbs all that heat from the mustard horseradish. there’s really nice alternatives as well, just leave that to sit and relax, prepare the filling which is called a Dukes ale, put 700 grams of chestnut mushrooms into a blender at a chop clove of garlic season with salt and pepper and blitz.

Christa’s wouldn’t be Christmas without chestnuts, I just crumble them, the chestnuts sweet nutty flavor works brilliantly with the earthy taste of the mushrooms and because they contain more starch and less oil than other nuts. they have a much softer texture that is perfect for the filling that smells amazing smells like Christmas, once the mixture is finely chopped, cooking a hot

dry pan, this removes the water from the mushrooms and intensifies the flavor.

You can see the water coming out instantly, such an essential stage really critical to the success of the Wellington that you dry those mushrooms out, and get rid of all that water, take the mushrooms up even further, some fresh thyme in there will make it really nice and light and fragrant when all the waters been fried off, remove from the pan and leave to cool, then start assembling the Wellington. stage 1, wrapping the beef fill it first, of all, these wonderful slices of Parma ham and look beautiful, overlap it and set it there, so the secret of overlapping the Parma ham, make sure it contains all those juices coming out of the beef.

In the traditional recipe for beef wellington, I think chive and spring onion pancake is used instead of ham, but the Parma ham makes the dish much lighter , and it’s sweet salty flavor really complements the mushroom and chestnut filling a little touch of pepper no salt, because their ham is naturally salty it’s a little twist of pepper and then from there your mushrooms, go on use the back of the spoon to spread them nice and thinly half an inch from the ends, pop it everytime .there’s meat now he comes next lay the beef on top very carefully, fold that over now, we’re going to lift that up and wrap the beef nice and carefully, so all that mushroom and Parma ham is encasing the beef all the way over, push it,face them tight ,roll it nice and tight, and they go all the way over. now the secret from here is to really let the cling film do the work just nip it at the ends and squeeze and what we’re doing is just creating this wonderful sort of cylinder shape off, and then just twist it nice and tightly, and the tighter is the more perfect the shape, then placing the fridge for 15 minutes to firm up.

Add a generous sprinkle of salt to ensure the pastry becomes lovely and crisp, then bake in an oven at 200 degrees for around 35 minutes, depending on how rare you like your beef, once out of the oven, it’s crucial you let the Wellington rest for at least 10 minutes, this allows the meat to relax and reabsorb. it’s delicious juices, making sure it’s tender and succulent nice and gently get that pastry how crisp that is this is the bit, if you want a really nice change to roast turkey, this has to be the ultimate for the table, it smells Christmassy, the chestnuts, the mushrooms and that nice crisp pastry on the outside, enjoy!

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