How To Cook Perfect Brown Rice

Just got a little recipe to share with you today, quick and simple, and something that once you get this recipe right, you will be able to make perfect, every time and that is the perfect brown rice now, as we are all becoming more aware of of being health, conscious these are one of the things we can do, which is eat brown rice in the replace of white rice which is really going to help us along our health journey, so really simple, but you need to treat it a little bit differently to white rice.

So what I have in here is three cups of just lightly washed brown rice, and I have boiling in my pot here about four liters or one gallon of water, so once your water has come to the dwarf,

I’ve got quite a lot of water to only three cups of rice and the reason that is because we actually

want the rice to to boil in the water, there is almost like with cooking potatoes, unlike white rice that works on that absorption method brown rice needs to be bored and plenty of water, so once

your water has come to the boil, you need to keep on a nice rolling boil, add your cleaned rice to the pot and then what I like to do next is wait for it to come back to the ball or only take a couple

seconds to come back on to the ball, wants us back on the ball, again I set my timer for 20 minutes and that all it takes, so after exactly 20 minutes of boiling rapidly, and I can say exactly 20 minutes, because I’ve made this recipe quite a few times and I’ve got a spot on the Rice’s been spot on every single time I’ve cooked it once it’s comfortable for 20 minutes, so after 20 minutes of boiling, all you need to do is drain, drain the water from your rights, like that dremel all the water off.

We just pop the pot back onto the heat there, and I’m going to add the drained rice back into the pot, just like that actually get as much rice in there, we don’t want to waste any of the grains, I love the taste of brown rice it’s just so nutty and delicious and I actually prefer it to white rice, every time I go to a Japanese restaurant I always make sure they serve really good brown rice, so once that’s back in there we’re just going to add the lid on to the pot and we’re going to slip it, steamed for a couple of minutes and your rice will be beautiful fluffy and tasty ,and ready to serve hope you enjoyed this recipe we’ll see your game real soon here.

take care

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